The folks at Planet Out, Inc. the parent company of must pleased with their numbers posted;
3,534,306 member profiles and 31,697 online.
(10 pm central time May 52004)
    These numbers grab the attention of new members hoping they might meet someone
    These numbers grab the attention of advertisers that want to target the gay demographic
    These number grab the attention of prospective investors that see a great revenue stream
  Imagine if their members, advertisers and investors actually knew the facts.

A huge percentage of online members are actually Adbots. Computer robots that literally send messages to other users to encourage the unwitting member to another website. Often an "watch my cam live" site to get the members money. It is common to see the same Adbot present in virtually every chat room. These Adbots are occupying the chat room slots, keeping real members out of the more popular rooms.

An even more deceptive number is the total number of members. These Adbots continually recreate themselves creating an endless number of member profiles in the same evening. Constantly adding new profiles to the number of total members. Sure there are over 3 million profiles, but a huge percentage are abandoned or cancelled Adbot profiles.


  Customers, do not be fooled, you are signing up to get spammed by the Adbots.

Advertisers, You are paying for advertising based on the numbers that advertise as profiles. You paying to advertise to Adbots.

Investors, is generating ad revenue based on inflated members.

Tell the staff at that you want something done.

Join me in an attempt to get the Planet Out Inc. staff's attention. Simply review the note I've written below enter a little basic info and hit send email.

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