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Mom's LOVE Mel's!!!


This Mother's Day may be a little different, as some are still trying to protect them selves from this crazy virus. We want to make sure to help out with making mom feel the love! We are going to offer a spruced up Family Meal package that will save you money, time, and stress. Check this out; Feeding a family of FOUR for $49.99!

Mother's Day Meal to Include:

Cajun Cobb Salad (crisp blend of spring mix, and iceberg topped and loaded with chilled cajun boiled corn, tomatoes, boiled egg, bell pepper, feta cheese, red onion, avocado, and your choice of Dressing.)

Choice of 1 Protein for the Family

Choice of 3 vegetables for the Family

8 Dinner Rolls

Choice of 1 variety of Cobbler for the Family

Bottle of Brut Champagne along with our signature watermelon puree for Watermelvin Mimosas (Dont want the alcohol? Just let us know you would prefer Iced Tea by the Gallon!)


Choose 1 Meat

Choose 3 Vegetables

Choose 1 Variety of Cobbler

Choose 1 for your beverage package

Jalapeno Poppers by the Dozen
Fried Meat Pies by the Dozen
Fried Crawfish Pies by the Dozen
Hot Wings by the Dozen
Boiled Shrimp (1/2 a pound)
Chicken Strips by the Dozen

Pick up Date and Time
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